Friday, December 7, 2012

Fall Semester is over! Time for a Winter Break Challenge!

I think I had a very successful beginning to the school year and I definitely feel like I've improved! While all my work might not be the best I definitely learned a ton from everything I did and I know it will make my future work better! Just gotta try harder and learn to manage and use my time better and learn to scope! Which brings me to what I plan on doing over break!

My challenge to myself over break: Come up with environment concepts that needs no more than 10 meshes, the less the better. Quality over Quantity. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

I just want to brainstorm straight up lists of props with some gathered visual reference. Maybe sketches, maybe not. I just want to come up with as many 'in scope' environment project ideas that I can. And maybe I might come up with one or two good ones that I can execute for my portfolio!

Happy Holidays!