Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mask Concepts

These are concepts for masks. They go along with the concept that I did of the masked woman on my last post.

Just click to see a larger version of the image!

The top row of masks are for the lower caste, the middle row for the middle caste, and the bottom row for the higher caste. Basically in this society the more eyes you have on your mask the higher caste you are because their society values strives to gain back their vision.

The masks are used to block their eyes from the sun so that they do not go blind. Over time the sun has become to bright for their eyes to take and if they were not take the masks off they would go blind. There are people who are part of the highest caste who risk their vision to make the masks. They make them in a stone building with no windows and little light. The masks are sculpted so that the details of the eyes can be felt by others to identify caste.

Below are some images that inspired the masks. The wire that is weaved in the negative space in the masks was inspired by spider webs and the shapes was inspired by animal horns. The eye shapes were inspired by egyptian art and hieroglyphs.